Solar Power

Nayon Engineering designs, installs and maintains solar power systems for residential, hospitals, clinics, boarding schools, lodges, hotels, swimming pools and industrial use.
Solar installations are investments that deliver increasingly greater returns over time as grid electricity prices continue to rise while free energy from the sun remains a constant.

Sizing solar

Determining how large a residential/commercial solar electric power system is required for your home or business is dependent upon power usage and your goals for the system. Being completely free from utility power is the ultimate goal, however, it may be impractical due to your location, the space required for solar panels and cost. Contact us for inquiry or advise

Is solar worth the money?

  • In the long run, solar power is economical. Photovoltaic panels and installation involve high initial expenses, but this cost is soon offset by savings on energy bills.
  • Solar can increase the value of your home.
  • Photovoltaic energy systems are safe, reliable, and durable—the panels that we install are warranted for 25 years.

Once your initial investment in solar is paid off, its bye-bye high electricity bills. With fossil fuel costs and utility rates constantly rising, solar can be a good way to lock in long-term savings now.
Contact Nayon Engineering’s Alternative Energy Division for one of our engineers to assist you in cutting your electric bill and making your green footprint.
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Our Products
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Geysers
  • Solar water pumps
  • Inverters
  • Charge Controllers
Solar Accessories
  • Solar Lanterns
  • Solar Smartphone and laptop chargers



Solar traffic lights

Have proven to be very handy when there are power cuts.