Plant Maintenance

At Nayon Engineering we offer tailor-made Planned Maintenance Agreements to our clients, helping them to minimize downtime and making sure that they reach their production targets. This is the first step is ensuring critical maintenance work is done on schedule. Planned Maintenance helps protect you from the expense and stress of catastrophic failures while letting you avoid waste-disposal hassles so you can focus on your job. On-site Planned Maintenance service is performed where and when you need it.

Your benefits of participating in a Nayon Engineering Maintenance Agreement include:

  • Convenience — The maintenance service can be performed where and when the customer wants it, including at the customer’s work site, in the evenings or on weekends.
  • Increased Up-time — The maintenance service can be performed at night or on the weekends when the machine is not in use. Also, problems are found before they cause breakdowns, allowing repair work downtime to be scheduled.
  • Cost-Effective — Problems are discovered in their early stages, while they are still minor repairs before they affect other machine parts and become costly major repairs.
  • No Unexpected Costs — The price of the preventive maintenance service, including all parts, labor, equipment, supplies, lubricants, etc., is established at the signing of the agreement.
  • No EPA Worries — Hazardous waste materials are disposed of properly by the lube technician.
  • Quality Parts and Technicians — Factory trained technicians perform the maintenance work using quality products (oils, filters, etc.).
  • Longer Machine Life — Regular maintenance increases the life of the machine.
  • Problems are “Fixed Before Failure" — Technicians advise the customer on any repairs while they are minor before they become major and lead to failure.
  • Increased Equipment Value — Detailed maintenance, repair, and oil analysis records are kept on the machine, so its true value is always known. This increases machine value.Furthermore, Nayon Engineering has the ability to react to your every plant maintenance and breakdown need.

    Our core service has been built around the Electrical, Instrumentation and Mechanical repair of equipment for our customers. Our rapid response to our client problems causes them the least amount of downtime.

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